Red Fox Sightings and Screen shots from the Simon King Wildlife Web Cams for February 6-12

In case if you haven't seen my last post, I stumbled across some fox web cams at and have been watching both of the web cams.  Considering there are not very many screen shots of red fox sightings, I thought I would start a thread sharing my own sightings.  Whenever I see a fox I will try and get a screen shot of it (not always) and will share my results once a week (usually Sundays or Mondays, tentatively).  These are screen shots I got from both web cams

Here is a red fox posing for the camera.  He seemed to be eating something (I think the camera men put out seeds and other food items that the animals can eat).

Here is the same fox in full view of the camera.  Fox sightings usually only last for about a minute or 2 at a time, though they can be shorter or longer.  They also seem to be timid and can run off easily (probably camera shy)

Here is a picture of a badger I saw.  The badgers are the other stars on these cams and do make appearances occasionally, usually at night

Here is a closer up screen shot of the badger feeding in front of the camerra

Here is a fox and badger feeding together.  They seem to have a love - hate relationship.  Sometimes they get along just find, and at other times, they to have a tendency to chase each other.

I got a photo of this fox right in front of the camera.  He seemed to be cowering at something (maybe being camera shy, though there was also a badger near by and may have reacted to it too). 

Here is another view I got of the red fox.  I like how they tend to come right in front of the camera.  Can be a good opportunity for close up screen shots.

Those are all of the pictures I have so far.  This will be an ongoing topic for this year (given my new found interest in foxes), so I am sure I will have more to share over the next several weeks.  By the way, you can find these fox web cams at and

Tips on watching for foxes (based on my experience):
- Most sightings I have had occur at night (London time).  If you are having trouble seeing them during the day, you may want to try watching for them at night.  Though during the day other kinds of animals are often present, including squirrels, mice, and birds  Like I said in the last post, you will want to note the time zone difference.  Sure if you live in the United Kingdom and want to see the cameras at night, be sure to visit the Simon King website after dark to check the web cams for animals (I understand foxes may come out during the day too, though I believe the chances of seeing them are better at night as they seem to be more active then).  Personally, I live in the Seattle area, and there is a least an 8 hour difference between Seattle time and London time (if it is 10:00 pm here, it is about 6 am there), but wouldn't know where all of my readers live (though when in doubt, you can google what time it is in London to see what time it is there).   
- Patience is key when watching the camera(s).  In my experience, most of the time nothing happens, but every now and then (especially at night) you are likely to encounter a fox or two if you check the cameras often.  Since sightings tend to occur at random, I can't guarantee you will see a fox every time (sometimes you will see them and sometimes you won't) and usually when they do appear, they are only there for a short period of time (usually about a minute or two, more or less), but when they do appear, you can see them walking in front of the camera, eating the feed left out of them, interacting with other animals, checking out the camera, and even running off.  Be sure to take screen shots of sightings if you do have encounters you want to share. 
- There doesn't seem to be any audio on the web cams, so it is impossible to hear anything in the video.  Would be nice though (such as hearing footsteps or animals moving around in the bushes, or even animal calls, like the vixen screams or howls). 

- I don't own any of the web cams nor do I own Simon Kind Wildlife or their website.  I am merely an observer and blogger and if you have questions, comments or concerns, I am sure you can contact the webmasters there directly (see
- All of the screen shots are based on the sightings I have had on the cameras and might not necessarily be the same experiences other people are having with them. 
- I can't make any guarantees about sightings either.  Sometimes you will see foxes, sometimes you won't.  Lot of it is luck, patience and timing, along with other factors, such as time of day, weather, etc.