Hudson meets snow!

Hey, did any of you see this guy yesterday?  Yeah, here in the Seattle area we got a pretty good dose of snow Sunday night and even today there is still snow on the ground and this arctic fox Hudson definitely seems to be enjoying it (they are probably used to the cold considering that arctic foxes originate from the far north and winters here are probably mild to them in comparison to how it is in say Barrow Alaska for example).  I like how the fox pounces on the snow, probably thinking that there is mice under it (foxes are known hunt for mice by pouncing on them under the snow).  Not sure if there was mice or not, but still cute to watch.  Video was posted by the Woodland Park Zoo channel and was on the news.  I haven't been to the Woodland Park Zoo yet this year, but I did go to the Point Defiance Zoo last month and they too have arctic foxes (like the ones I shared yesterday).  Will probably visit the Woodland Park Zoo in the summer sometime.