How to Survive as a Tiny Arctic Fox - Wild Alaska - BBC

Here is an interesting video on the BBC Channel on Youtube.  It features an arctic fox wandering around in Deadhorse Alaska and feeding on scraps.  Interestingly, neither the red fox nor the oil workers seemed to be phased by the fox's visit.

- This clip is also a part of the channel's 3 part series on "Alaska" (namely the winter segment)/
- I can't say I have ever been to Deadhorse Alaska (though I did go up to Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan once on a cruise back in 2010), but I kinda have to wonder if the foxes are regulars at the oil refinery in Deadhorse?  I also like how the workers don't seem to notice the 2 foxes, though I suppose work can have that kind of effect except on breaks, though if I were one of the workers I would definitely snap photos of the foxes myself (like the ones I got a video of at the point defiance zoo).  By the way, I think the oil workers should consider themselves lucky to be able to see foxes on a regular basis like the ones in the video.  In my neck of the woods, we supposedly get red foxes but they are pretty elusive and usually come in the form of coyotes too (though I have heard that San Juan Island and Mount Rainer are good places to look for foxes, though I would have to see that for myself) and to date, I have only seen red foxes in the wild on 2 occasions: that time at Penninsula State Park in Wisconsin (long before moving to Washington State) when I was a kid and the night time sighting of a cross red fox near Monroe Washington back in December.  But to see them almost every day, now that has to be an interesting experience.