Raccoons at five mile drive in tacoma WA

Just thinking about raccoons, here is a video I found on Youtube showing off the raccoons along the 5 mile drive at Point Defiance Park.,  If you visit the Tacoma area and decide to visit Point Defiance Park and do the 5 mile drive loop (very scenic loop), there is a pretty good chance you will encounter these guys.  I often see them when driving through there.  5 Mile Drive is a fun little drive to do there as takes you through the forest there and offers access to beaches along with trails and even views of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, along with Fort Nisqually.  There are supposedly red foxes along the 5 mile drive too, but I have yet to see one through there (will have to snap a photo of one should I encounter them there, especially considering that there don't seem to be any photos of them online at Point Defiance Park).