Pack of Howling Coyotes

Speaking of coyotes, here is a video I found showing off a pack of coyotes howling.

By the way, here in Snohomish, Washington, we do get coyotes and you can often hear them howling at night, sometimes even have sightings of them.  One good place to go to seeing coyotes in my opinion is at Cavalero Hill Park near Lake Stevens.  It is a dog park setting, but I have seen coyotes in the field there (even had a close encounter with one there, with one walking out in front of me within 100 yards).  Will have to try and get photos of them with my go pro sometime.  I have seen more coyotes in the wild than foxes and wolves combined (only seen a red fox in the wild twice, with the first time being at Penninsula State Park in Wisconsin when I was a kid, and more recently a night time cross phase red fox sighting near Monroe Washington last year).