Fox meeting video and Fox Village in Japan

You know what I think would be an interesting zoo to visit someday: Fox Village in Japan.  I can't say I have ever been there (never been to Japan anyways), but I have heard about Fox Village.  It is supposedly a zoo that has alot of foxes you can see.  Here is a video below showing some of the foxes in action.  By the way, red foxes are very elusive creatures in my opinion and to date, I have only seen 2 red foxes in the wild.  The first time happened at Penninsula State Park in Wisconsin when I was a kid (was probably about 9 or 10 years old at the time) with a fox running around in the woods near my camp site and the second time occurred back in December near Monroe Washington (was driving to my church for Awana along the back roads there and saw what looked like a cross phase red fox along there), so zoos like fox village can be good places to see them up close.  I had a kick out of seeing the arctic foxes at the Point Defiance Zoo about 2 weeks ago, but fox has lots of foxes you can see. 

Here is another video I found that shows off fox village in Japan

I've never been to fox village personally, but I have been to other zoos before, most recently at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma (they have 2 arctic foxes instead of red foxes, though I have heard that Northwest Trek near Eatonville have red foxes as some of their featured animals, which I will have to check out sometime).  I have heard that Japan has some interesting kinds of zoos, like the fox village, cat island, rabbit island, etc.  Still if you like foxes, I might recommend checking out that zoo.  I know some people can have ill feelings about fox village being a zoo with tons of foxes, but I have never been there myself, and will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Have any of you been to fox village in japan?  Feel free to share your experiences below.  I don't really see myself going there anytime soon unless if an opportunity arises, but will definitely have to consider it if I get an opportunity to visit Japan.  That being said, apparently, there are some good places here in Washington State to view foxes.  I have heard about the cascade red foxes at Mount Rainer National Park as well as the extra foxes on San Juan Island, though I would have to see them for myself someday.