Arctic Fox in Barrow, Alaska

Here is a short video featuring arctic foxes at Barrow Alaska.  If you venture to the arctic circle, you might encounter one or 2 kinds of foxes: red foxes and probably more likely, arctic foxes.  It is kinda funny how the main fox reacts when he notices the cameraman (trying to dig into the snow), the other fox was probably like: "get your tail out of my face".  I don't know how common arctic foxes are in northern Alaska, but I have heard that they are bolder than the red fox and less wary of humans, though I wouldn't know if that is true or not for sure since I have never been to the arctic (the farthest north I have been is Skagway Alaska, but that is in the southeast corner of the state).

I can't say I have ever been to Barrow Alaska or anywhere in the arctic regions (the furthest north I have been to is Skagway Alaska and that was on a cruise I went on back in 2010, though maybe someday I can do such a trip should an opportunity arise), but I am sure it would definitely be an adventure going there (despite the colder climate, polar bears, etc).  I thought it was kinda funny how the main fox reacted when he / she (wouldn't know the genders) noticed the camera man when he tried to dig a hole with the other fox right behind him.  If you venture to the arctic regions you might encounter arctic foxes, polar bears, bowhead whales, red foxes (considering their presence is growing in the arctic), or even wolves, along with cariboo and moose.