Washington's live mascot Dubs energizes Husky fans

Here is a video I found on YouTube featuring Dubs the Alaskan Malamute.  I didn't actually go to University of Washington, went to Northwest University instead (basically right across the highway 520 bridge in the Kirkland area from UW), but not only did my brother Brett (and his wife) go there, but I also had some former classmates from Jackson High School that went there.  I can't say I have ever been to a "husky" game, but I might consider going to one someday given the opportunity.  Interestingly while the UW football team are known as the Huskies, they have a Malamute pose as a "husky", though I suppose Malamutes could be viewed as larger versions of huskies (like Siberian huskies, but generally bigger).  Check it out: