Are you more of a dog person or cat person?

Hey, who here has pets?  Do you have dogs, cats or both?  I currently live with 2 dogs (sometimes 3 when my brother Brett is around, he has a st Charles caviler) and never owned a cat.  I don't mind cats myself, though sadly I am allergic to them (sneeze a lot, itchy eyes, etc and sometimes even the mere presence of them can trigger my allergies, especially when 2 or more are present), so owning one would be difficult.  Though I've known people that have had both.  Even my Aunt Linda from Sacramento owns several cats at her house.  I've also known a good number of people who own dogs too.  Even some of my neighbors own some dogs too (for example, the people next to my house have a black lab named Jake).  Here are some videos I found on youtube that shows off some dogs vs cats:

1. FUNNY DOG and CAT Videos Cats vs Dogs Compilation by Human Fail
FUNNY DOG and CAT Videos Cats vs Dogs Compilation
2. Tucker the golden retriever at the dog park (video of my dog at the Lowell Dog Park in Everett)

3. Dogs vs cats conversation - here is a video about these dudes doing a debate about dogs vs cats
4. Here is another dog vs cat compilation video - aw, isn't that sweet with the black cat and the lab together?
5. Cats can be curious - here is a funny video compilation that America's Funniest Video posted a few years ago about curious cats.  Pretty funny video to watch

Well, that is all for now.  There are plenty of other videos you can watch about dogs and cats, but you can find more on youtube.  By the way, are you a dog person or cat person?  Do you have experience having both kinds of pets?  I am more of a dog person myself, especially after owning several dogs since my high school years.  Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your experiences

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