Beanie Babies anyone?

Hey, do any of you like beanie babies (stuffed animals)?  I did a reset at Rite Aid in Monroe of a beanie baby display.  Check it out:
Here is a lovely assortment of beanie babies stuffed animals at Rite Aid at Monroe, WA just waiting to be sold to shoppers
You know this picture brings back memories to my childhood as I used to have an assortment of stuffed animals when I was younger.  I am scheduled to do a similar project at the Rite Aid in Snohomish on Monday.  The project was somewhat challenging as I had to remove discontinued items, rearrange some of the shelves and find space for some of the bigger stuffed animals. Sometimes they fall from the shelves too which I had to pick up and put back on the shelves.  I should get pictures of some of the stuffed animals I used to have.  Of course, now days I do have 2 dogs instead of stuffed animals.

Btw, if you are shopping for Beanie Babies online, you can actually buy some at