GTA 5 Hunting With Cletus And Trevor Mission Walkthrough

Just out of curiousity, are there any hunters here?  How about some virtual hunting Grand Theft Auto 5 Style - with Trevor Philips and Cletus - check it out below (warning: this video may be offensive to some considering that Trevor is hunting animals in this mission)


While technically this video would pair better with my video game blog (see, here is a fun animal video related moment in the game worth talking about.  Have any of you here ever dreamed of taking up hunting or at least try hunting?  I have never hunted before, but I have fished on more than one occasion (at least when I was younger).  Anyways, in one of the many side missions you can do in GTA 5 (which opens up rather early on in the game not long after the "Mr Philips" and "Nervous Ron" missions), Trevor meets up with a guy named Cletus in a forest near Paleto Bay (at the north end of San Andreas) and take up hunting.  Note that after this mission, Trevor can take up hunting at any time (during daylight hours in the game) and earn money by hunting animals and sending pictures of his kills to Cletus (with some kills being worth more than others).  The hunting missions are rather simple. You are given these "mating call" whistles that Trevor can use, and whenever he uses them, red circles will appear on the map showing where you might be able to find animals (such as deer, elk, coyotes, boars, and even the occasional cougars) and shoot them.  Trevor can scare away animals (such as by getting too close or shooting and missing), so sniper rifles are your best choice for the missions, but he gets points for each successful kill.  Note that Trevor cannot kill female deer (or does), but can get points by getting pictures of them. These missions can be pretty fun to do sometimes and can be a good way to earn extra money in the game.  Only watch out for mountain lions (aka cougars) as they do tend to stalk Trevor during the hunting missions and will kill him if they get too close (usually, you should hear a growl if a cougar gets near).  By the way, if a cougar gets too close, activating Trevor's rampage mode ability can help him survive cougar attacks (which is usually fatal otherwise).