Golden Retrievers Puppies playing, plus some pictures of Tucker as a puppy

Here is a cute video posted by Mrs Awww on youtube featuring a bunch of golden retriever puppies playing.  

I bet all those the puppies are a handful for the owner.  I live with one golden retriever myself and he definitely has lots of energy, but it would defiitely be a challenge raising multiple ones.  By the way, I got both Tucker and Teddy (Tucker's predecessor, who passed away during the summer of 2007 due to old age) when they were both puppies.

Here are some pictures of Tucker as a puppy (taken back in 2007):

This was Tucker playing with his first chew toy (tennis ball shaped bone).  He definitely loves to chase after balls, especially lacrosse balls, footballs, and tennis balls.

Picture of Tucker sitting by his bed

Here is a picture of Tucker walking around the front yard of my house for the first time.

Note: I also have pictures of Teddy as a puppy, but they were taken long before we had a digital camera and they are in a photo album somewhere.  Will have to scan one with my scanner sometime and share them  that way.