Meet the Pups for Puppy Bowl XI

You know, besides the Superbowl coming up tomorrow, the annual Puppy Bowl on animal planet is almost here too, though sadly it will air around the same time as the Superbowl so I probably won't be able to watch the whole thing, but here is the starting lineup for the dogs for this year:

There are quite a bit of puppies playing this year.  In case if you do not know, the Puppy Bowl is an annual event on Animal Planet inspired by the NFL featuring many different puppies having some fun on a football style arena along with a referee supervising them.  It appears many of them are adoptable though I am not sure how the adoptions work.  There is also usually a halftime show showing kittens playing too.  I am sure my dogs would love to be in the Puppy bowl if they could (especially Tucker who has alot of energy) though obviously they are too old to join the games.  By the way, which dogs are your favorites one the list.  You can get more information about Puppy Bowl at

By the way, Animal Planet does have a puppy web camera where you can check out the puppies at any time at: