2015 Super Bowl Ads!!

Who is pumped for the superbowl tomorrow?  Patriots vs Seahawks.  Let the best team win.  Anyways, here is a commentary video I liked about some of the commercials that are going to be playing tomorrow for the superbowl.  There are some animal related videos too, such as the one with the laborador puppy and horses, sponge bob movie, and a few others.  Other noteworthy commercials includes one from T-mobile featuring Kim Kardashian, a trailer for Ted 2 (yes, apparently there is a sequel in the works for Ted), and even one featuring this dude in this virtual pac man arena.  Check it out

What do you think of the commercials?  Which ones were your favorite.  By the way, I am from the Seattle area, so naturally I will be rooting for the Seahawks.  On a side note, I might consider going to the victory parade this year should they win against the Patriots.