Want to see a real life reindeer? The Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Washington has them.

Ah, another Christmas has come and gone and the year of 2015 is literally 2 days away.  You know, just thinking about Christmas and Santa Claus?  Did you know that you can actually meet a real life Reindeer here in Washington State (and no I am not talking about Rudolph).  In Issaquah, Washington, there is relatively small zoo called, the Cougar Mountain Zoo where you can see them.  Check out a video they have here:

I actually went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo once.  It was several years ago during the summer months, but I want to go there again possibly next year given the opportunity.  In addition to reindeer, they have several other animals, including: cougars, macaws, cheetahs and many other kinds of animals.  Sadly, I did not have a windows phone at the time so I wasn't able to get pictures that time (like I did at the Point Defiance Zoo earlier this year).  For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.cougarmountainzoo.org/About%20Zoo/welcome.aspx.  .

By the way, Washinton State has several other Zoos I have been to, including:
- Northwest Trek (there you can go on a tram ride and see animals that way)
- Reptile Zoo near Sultan, Washington (they have an assortment of reptiles you can see).
- Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington (they also have an aquarium you can check out too). I went there earlier this year by the way
- Woodland Park Zoo.  It is probably the biggest zoo in Washington State that I am aware of and has huge collection of animals to check out (they even offer a giraffe feeding station too).  I've been there for some of the Kohl's cares event they host too.
- Olympic Game farm in Sequim.  It is definitely a hike from the Seattle area (though taking the ferry can help save time depending on traffic levels) and you can drive through the park and literally feed animals, including caribou, buffalo, and other animals.  Only watch your step as you drive as some of the animals love to get really close to your car.
- Vancouver British Columbia Zoo.  It is up in Canada, but I have been there at least once.  It is near Aldergrove (just east of the Vancouver area) and it is almost as big as the Woodland Park Zoo.