Siberian Husky Puppies Playing in the snow, plus pics from Whistler

Do you like siberian huskies?  Here is a video I saw on youtube showing a good sized collection of husky puppies playing in the snow. This video is pretty fitting for this time of year (December) considering that winter is pretty much here (at least here in Washington State, I don't know about elsewhere).

By the way, you know in Whistler BC, the Whistler Village is a popular place for people to take their dogs for a walk and as you might expect in Canada every now and then you just might encounter people with siberian huskies and alaskan malamutes.  It doesn't happen every time in Whister, but I have seen people with huskies and malamutes on more than one occasion.  Here are some pictures I have of them:

Here is a picture of my mother with a lady walking her 2 dogs, namely a malamute and another dog (not sure what breed the other  dog is).  Yes, it was cold that day (I think it was only about 8 degrees farenheight that day).

I actually got a picture of this malamute near the Needa Lake lodge in the Creekside Vincinity of Whistler.  I was going back to my car after having lunch and saw my mother petting her and managed to get a picture of her with my phone.  

Flashback from Thanksgviving 2013.  I snapped a picture of this siberian husky sitting in a chair outside a Starbucks in the Whistler Village (by the way, there are 3 Starbucks' in Whistler).  This one was across the street from where the Carlbergs' gift store is.  I didn't see a sibe there this year though, so I am sure it is not every day you see dogs sitting in a chair like this one.
Well, that is all for now.  Do you have pictures or videos of your dogs playing in the snow.  By the way, it did snow a few times while in Whister.