Got a new temporary job at Wet Noses in Monroe

Picture of the Wet Noses website (visit for more info).

It has been a few days since I have posted last, so I will go ahead and make my latest post.  I am back from Whistler British Columbia, in case if you don't know, and these last few weeks have been pretty busy for me with some interesting changes.  I will post this change on this blog since it is somewhat relevant to pets.  Up till midpoint of last month, I was working part time at Snohomish Publishing (usually 3-6:30 in the afternoon Monday through Friday) along with part time at Kohl's and Advantage Sales and Marketing.  Of course, about halfway through last month, Snohomish Publishing went out of business and so I don't work there anymore.  I still work at Kohls and Advantage part time, but they are more gigs for me than regular jobs (I work at Kohl's one 4 hour shift every week on average and Advantage is always hit and miss each week, where some weeks I get lots of demos to do and others I get little or no demos). Well, last week I resumed my job search and not long after I started on my job search, I got recruited by Allstarz Staffing / Pace Staffing for a warehouse position at Wet Noses (which is supposed to last all of this month and possibly longer if they decide to hire me on full time after my assignment ends in January).  I officially started working there last Thursday and am supposed to work there at least till after New Years.  

I can't divuldge too much information about Wet Noses (had to sign a non-disclosure agreement when hired on), but I will just say they make various kinds of treats for dogs(such as "cookies" and "cupcakes") that they sell to vaious retailers they are affiliated with.  I help in the warehouse with packaging, wrapping, tagging and decorating the various doggie treats.  By the way, I am sure my dog, Tucker would love to try what they are making (maybe I can buy some of their products sometime).  This job is full time Monday through Friday and the average shift runs from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm (which means I have to get up 4:30 every morning between now and January).  As a result of this new job, I will probably be less active on posting to this blog for a while.  I will try to make posts sometimes, but much of my mornings and early afternoons are going to be quite busy for a while.  This position is supposed to run till January, though there is always a chance Wet Noses could hire me on full time, though I probably won't know whether or not they will extend me until towards the end of this month.