Top 10 creepy creatures and urban legends in the animal kingdom part 1

Here is another Halloweenish post for this year.  Most animals in the world we know about, but there are some lesser known creatures (that may or may not exist) that can be downright creepy assuming they do exist.  I will break up this post 2 entries and I give you the first five creepy cryptozoological creatures and urban legends:
Disclaimer: I am going to take a neutral position on cryptozology for now.  Personally I have never seen a sasquatch or similar creature so I have no idea if these creatures exist or not, but the fact that some people claim to have seen them make me wonder.  I will let you know if I do see anything out of an ordinary.  Also, I am not an expert on wierd creatures either.

Creature Number 1 - Bigfoot / Sasquatch

Hikers and drivers beware, if you venture out into the woods in remote areas around the United States (or even Canada for that matter), you may encounter an ape like creature commonly known as Bigfoot (or Sasquatch).  Above is the infamous Roger Patterson Bigfoot footage, which is about an alleged sighting of Bigfoot (I think somewhere in California).  This footage is perhaps the best evidence I seen about the creature and shows what looks like a living Sasquatch roaming around the woods and looking at the camera during the footage.  It is unmistakable that there is something walking around in the video.  Now the video has been scrutinized and been through lots of speculation over the years, but if I had to guess, this video is either an elaborate hoax (considering that there have been people who have dressed up as Bigfoot, such as prankster Ray Wallace) or it is a living Bigfoot roaming around.  You decide.  Anyways, this is just one of several alleged videos and pictures on bigfoot sightings that have surfaced over the years.  By the way, many other countries around the globe have similar mysterious creatures roaming their lands, including Skunk Apes in Florida, Yetis in asia, and Yowies in Australia.  Whether or not Bigfoot actually exists I do not know.  I want to believe they exist, but I have yet to see one for myself and ultimately I will have to see the creature myself to truly believe they exist.  Yet, there are people that have sworn to have seen the creature.
By the way, if you want more information about the bigfoot mystery, you should visit for more information about the bigfoot phenomenon.  They have a huge database of bigfoot sightings all over the globe, expeditions you can join (if you want to look for the creature) and many other resources you can check out.  By the way, Animal Planet has a show about bigfoot, called "Finding Bigfoot" that you can check out as well.  

Creature 2 - Lochness Monster and similar lake monsters

I am sure you are aware of the Loch Ness Monster mystery.  I've never been to Scotland myself (never been overseas), but if you visit the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland, you might encounter what is known as the Loch Ness Monster.  There are many theories about the creature, including it being a sturgeon (large fish), plesiosaur, under water elephant (not sure if elephants exist in England at least outside of zoos), etc, though based on what I have read about the creature, it seems to be some sort of sea serpant or plesiosaur.  I don't know if the creature is real, but it is definitely mind boggling.  By the way, Loch Ness is not the only place where you might encounter a lake monster.  Other lakes I am aware of that have similar legends includes: Flathead Lake in Montana (I went by there last summer, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary there), Lake Okanogan in British Columbia Canada, Lake Chaplain in New York (never been there), and even Lake Tahoe (Tessie).

Creature # 3 - Jersey Devil

Now here is a cryptozoological creature that might make your skin crawl.  I've only been to New Jersey once, though I was really young back then (maybe 8 years old) and despite the urban feel to New Jersey (especially near New York City), there do seem to be some rural parts of New Jersey and as with many remote areas around the country, New Jersey has its own urban legends.
Alleged photo of the Jersey Devil.  Image source:
If you are brave enough venture out into the Pine Barrens in New Jersey (or similar areas, especially at night), you might encounter the fearsome Jersey Devil.  I don't live in New Jersey (Washington State to be exact) so I don't know too much about the creature besides what I have read about online (as well as on the Travel Channel Show, Wierd Travels), but from what I have read, it seems to be this fearsome beast (possibly a demonic creature) that resembles a beastlike horse with wings and has a monsterous looks.  It is said to haunt the Pine Barrens area and similar areas in southern New Jersey.  Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the Jersey Devil was the infamous "Paranormal Week" phenomenon that took place back in 1909 (obviously I wasn't alive back then) when a huge slew of sightings took place all over New Jersey, possibly even in the Camden and Philadelphia areas.  If the 1909 events didn't convince skeptics, I bet nothing will.  Reminds me a bit of the events in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1948 when a UFO supposedly crashed there.  Did those events really happen, I do not know.  For more information about the Jersey Devil, you can check out a Wikipedia article on it at

Creature 4 - Mothman

Random sketch of Mothman.  Image source:
Here is creepy urban legend originating from West Virgina (near Point Pleasant).  I first learned about this urban legend when reading the book, "Railway Ghosts and Highway Horrers".  There was a legend about some couple driving along a lonely road near Point Pleasant, West Viginia and had an encounter with the creature as they were driving that left them frightened.  It is supposedly a cross between a man and a giant moth with red eyes. I've never seen anything like it before but if you are driving around West Virginia late at night, you might encounter this fearsome creature.  Like the Jersey Devil, the creature may be demonic in nature.  It is also worth mentioning that sightings of the Mothman are not limited to West Virginia.  Apparently it has appeared in various other states too (I can't remember the source, but i have heard that it can happen elsewhere too) and sometimes appears before a tragedy (for example, in Point Pleasant, apparently the creature appeared several times before the Silver Bridge there collapsed back in 1967).  Also, the legend seems to be the inspiration for the movie, Mothman Prophecies.  Also, both Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin poke some fun at the creature by making it an enemy that you can defeat that tries to drop poisinous dust on the player.  Here is a video about the Mothman from Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (you will need to skip ahead to around 4:00 to see it).  You can read more about the Mothman at

Creature 5: Flying Humanoids

Here is an alleged video of a flying humanoid somewhere in India:

Here is a frightening creature you might encounter if you know where to look: flying humanoids.  I first learned about flying humanoids on the History Channel (see  I've never encountered a flying humanoid, but apparently there are people that have seen the creatures.  Flying humanoids are supposedly these monster like creatures that fly around in the sky and have been known to turn hostile sometimes (as was the case for a father and son somewhere in Missouri, see for the documentary).  Apparently there may have been a flying humanoid sighting in Chehalis Washington back in 1948 (see for the story).  I thought that the India video was pretty interesting.  It looks like a creature hovers in the sky and starts flying around fast with the people in the video getting into a state of panic.  Luckily nobody is hurt in the video.  I've never seen the creature myself, but I guess you never know what you might find flying around in the sky besides the usual planes and birds.

Well, that is all for now.  Stay tuned for part 2.

Have you seen any strange creatures (like the ones mentioned above)?  Feel free to share your stories here.

Disclaimer: these are all urban legends and may or may not exist, and no I am not an expert on strange creatures, but there are sites on the net you can check out if you want more information about them.  I will say that I am an open skeptic about the creatures myself (I can't say I truly believe these kinds of creatures exist, but if I see or hear something I will let you know).

Topics for part 2 includes:
- Dover Demons
- Thunderbirds
- Man eating whales and fish
- Giant Squid (aka the Kraken)
- Chupacabras