Real life scaredy cats collection (October 1, 2014 special)

In case if you don't know, today is October 1, 2014 and you know what that means: Halloween is just around the corner (Christmas and Thanksgiving too for that matter).  Anyways, have you ever heard of the term, scaredy cat?  I know I have.  By the way, here is a clip from Garfield when he does his famous scaredy cat song and even gets spooked a few times himeself.  Check it out:

My family usually watches Garfield's halloween special at least or twice around halloween season.  Anyways, I think this would be a good cat related post.  Check out some real life scaredy cats:

1. Scaredy Cats (posted by

Some of these clips were down right amusing.
 2. Compilation Of Scaredy Dogs Terrified Of Walking Past Cats (posted by Michael BYF)

I though this video was pretty amusing with dogs (large and small) cowering around cats.  Why they are afraid of them, I do not know, but I thought the video was pretty amusing.  Talk about scaredy cats, how about scaredy dogs.

3. Cat scared of baby (posted by MDA).  You can also find this video on StupidVideos as well in case if you are curious.

 Now here is a classic scaredy cat.  By the way, the baby in the video is mainly just sleeping, but if the cat is scared of the baby while he/she is sleeping (I don't know what the gender is, so I will just call the baby a he for now), I wonder what would happen if he was up or even crawling around?  I bet that would send the cat running.

4.  Conan the scaredy cat (posted by Conan the Kitteh!)

I am guessing that Conan the cat was named after Conan the Barbarian (aka Arnold Schwartzenager). Anyways, this cat was pretty funny and hardly brave in this video.  You what the funny part is: he was afraid of a teddy bear.  How amusing?  Reminds me of another video I saw not long ago about a cat getting scared of a person dressed up as a wolf.

5. Scared Cats compilation 2014 part 1 (posted by MoreFunVideo)
Here is another compilation of scaredy cats (pretty funny):

Some of these were really funny, like the one where a cat seemed to be jumping in tune to Super Mario jumping (sounded like someone was playing the original Super Mario Bros on NES in the background.  Also, the one where a cat scared another cat and they got in a fight.

Well, that is all for now.  This list could go on as there are many videos on scaredy cats and dogs on YouTube but I hope you enjoyed.  By the way, do you have any funny stories to share about your dogs and cats?  Feel free to comment below.