Funny disobediant Siberian Huskies collection

It has been said that siberian huskies are "independent" and can be stubborn at times.  I have seen several funny videos putting this theory to the test.  Here are at least five videos featuring disobediant siberian huskies:

1. Husky dog talking-DEMON 'trying' to say "I love you". VERY funny outcome! (Posted by Drumkill1220)

Here is a funny epic fail video about some dude trying to get his dog to "say I love you".  One interesting phenomenon going on youtube and similar sites involving huskies (and malamutes for that matter) is that sometimes  people can get their dogs to "talk" and say things, like "I love you".  Perhaps the well known "I love you" video is the one with the famous Mishka the husky (along with her sister Laika), check out for the original video of Mishka the husky saying "I love you".  Anyways, other people watching this video who have dogs (especially huskies or malamutes) naturally get ideas and try to get their dogs do the some thing.  Sometimes they succees but as in the case of this particular video, not every husky is the same and are epic fails.  This video was pretty funny considering how Demon the husky goes crazy when being told "I love you" as if he seems to hat that word.  I also like how he goes "woooo" towards the beginning of the video.  Definitely a classic example disobediant huskies.

Video 2 - My Disobedient Siberian Huskies (posted by twocan1)

This is actually one of 2 videos twocan1 posted about his huskies, both rather funny.  Obviously the guy wants the dogs to get up and probably go for a walk or something but the three huskies just lay there looking at their master.  They are probably like, "go away, we are trying to relax".  You know another moral I find from this video: let a sleeping dog sleep.  Seems like they were trying to take a nap or something.

Video 3 - Husky Tantrum (posted by Allllyssssa)

Talk about stubborness.  I am assuming the lady in this video is Allyssa and she is filming her dog Luka the husky.  You know, even my golden retriever will sleep on the solfa sometimes (especially when nobody is home) though obviously when dogs like huskies or goldens sleep on furniture, their fur can get everywhere leaving a mess to clean up, so naturally Allyssa wants her dog to get off.  Of course, Luka is having none of it and even "talks back".  Good luck getting him off t he solfa.

Video 4 - Leave me alone, you silly dog, or else (posted by lotuslena08)
Here is a funny video about a stubborn young husky trying to play with a cat that obviously wants to be left alone.  The dog obviously wants to play with the cat but the cat is having none of it and even hisses and even swats at the husky.  If the dog is not careful, he will get "slapped".  Pretty funny video though.  Perhaps he will learn from his stubborness soon enough (especially if he gets scratched).

Video 5 - Husky says No (video).  Posted by John Ventresco
Last, but not least, here is this video.  I am sure you have seen it before.  In the video, I am assuming John (the video poster) is trying to get his husky (Blaze) go go into his kennel (don't know why), but the husky literally vocalizes "no" to him and obviously does not want to go into his kennel, and thus hillarity ensues in the video.  Now, this is the epitone of stubborness in my opinion.  Can't you imagine what it must be like living with Blaze, whenever you ask something he doesnt want to do, he will just say "no".  *Sarcasm*(Me) Want to go for a walk?  (Blaze): No.  (Me) come!  (Blaze) No! (Me) Get off the couch.  (Blaze) No!  This list could go on, but this is probably the funniest I have seen.

Well, that is all for now.  I am sure there are more videos like these ones out there, but this post would be really long if I posted them all.  As you can see, huskies can definitely be stubborn creatures.  I've never lived with a husky myself, but I guess stubborness is definitely something you may have to deal with if you live with one.

Do you have similar experiences with your dogs?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Ryan Jones