Here is a video on Youtube worth sharing: 3 siberian huskies go on a camping trip.

You know a channel I have been following on Youtube: Gonetothesnowdogs, which is a channel about a couple who live somewhare in Michigan and they have 3 huskies: Timber, Shelby and Oakley.  They used to have another husky named Shilo too, but she passed away about a year ago by old age.  Anyways, in this video, they take the dogs on a camping trip (presumably somewhere in the Michigan penninsula).  By the way, can't you imagine going camping with 3 big dogs like huskies?  I have a golden retriever and a shih tzu in case if you don't know and they can definitely be a handful when it comes to camping, but 3 siberian huskies?  Now that couple definitely have skill when it comes to raising 3 big dogs.  You know, when I was younger, I used to live in Illinois and remember taking many camping trips to Wisconson (usually either in the Minnocqua area or in Door County) and the woods in Michigan definitely reminds me of those in Wisconsin.