Wolves at the Woodland Park Zoo

Here is a video I took at the woodland park zoo (last April) showing off the wolf exhibit at the zoo.  I was there for the Kohl's cares volunteer event where we helped with the zoo clean up as well as other volunteer activities (my group ended up helping with some of the gardening there).  One perk about volunteering at the zoo is that you basically get free admission into the zoo for the day and since I didn't have any plans in the afternoon that day, I decided to stroll around the park and see the different animals there.  When I got to the Northwest part of the Zoo (where they show off animals from North America and Canada, such as bears, wolves, etc), the wolves were pretty active, and so I decided to film them.  Note: sorry for  the blurriness, though since I was filming the wolves using my camera phone.  The wolves actually got pretty close to the fence a few times too.

By the way, I want to go to the zoo again this year (possibly the point defiance zoo again too), when I get the time for it.  Kohl's did do another volunteer event at the zoo again this year (2014) but I had to work that day instead, plus it was stormy out anyways this year and that would have made walking around the zoo a bit difficult.