Wolf close encounter (similar to my previous post)

Here is another close animal sighting worth sharing.  In the last post I talked about a guy having a close encounter with a cougar in British Columbia (near Powell River along the coastline).  In this post, there is a guy in his car somewhere (presumably in British Columbia somewhere given the wilderness and all, but the poster doesn't say) and he encounters what looks like a wolf in close range.  Interestingly, one commenter thought that the animal was actually a coyote, but after seeing the video myself, the animal definitely does not look like a coyote up close (like the video I shared back in january, see http://rjanimalvideos.blogspot.com/2014/01/coyote-attack-best-footage-ever.html for the other post) and looks more like a wolf to me.  Check it out below:


Commentary about the video:

I bet you don't see videos like this one everyday, and like cougars, wolves can be extremely elusive creatures.  I have seen them in zoos (like the wolves I saw at the Woodland park zoo, though I have yet to post the video on Youtube or Stupidvideos), but I have never actually seen them in the wild (and I do live in the Pacific Northwest and have been to various places where wolves do seem to exist, like the time I went on a cabin trip to Ely, Minnesota as well as trips to Idaho, Montana, and even British Columbia).  In my experience, you are far more likely to encounter coyotes in the wild than wolves and I have seen coyotes on various occasions.  British Columbia seems to be a great place to visit if you are looking for wolves, cougars, coyotes and other elusive creatures.  By the way, I have heard that wolves are slowly being reintroduced in parts of Washington and Oregon State (particularly east of the cascades), but I have yet to encounter one myself.  Interestingly in this video, the wolf approaches the vehicle and wanders off so the sighting is relatively short lived.