Cougar Close Encounter Video

If you live in rural areas in various parts of US and even in Canada, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, there are several types of animals you may encounter: bears, cougars, wolves (they do seem to be making a comeback in in parts of Washington and Oregon for example, especially in mountains and easter parts of the two states), coyotes, along with other critters.  Personally, I have never seen a cougar before (at least not in the wild) and the same can be said for wolves, though I have seen bears on a few occasions (including one that literally crossed the road down the hill from my house) and I have seen coyotes on various occasions too.  Anyways, how would you like to have a close encounter with a cougar?  Here is a video I found of some dude seeing a cougar in close range.  The guy was driving up some gravel road near Powell River British Columbia (along the coastal areas of the Province) and a cougar comes up close to the vehicle before running off to meet up with what looks like another cougar.  Here it is:

I bet this video kept the guy on his toes as he now knows that there are cougars in the area.  As I have said earlier, I have never seen a cougar in the wild myself (I've seen them at zoos before though), though my brother Justin claims to have seen one once on his way home from work (though I wasn't with him when it happened, so I can't verify the sighting for sure), but you do hear about them here in the Northwest, even here in Western Washington, especially in rural areas.

By the way, have any of you had close encounters with cougars and similar creatures?

By the way, in case if you are curious about where Powell River is in Canada (British Columbia), here it is on Bing Maps: