Tucker and Angel go for a walk on the Centennial Trail

In this video, my family takes our dogs for a walk and I happened to bring my flip camera with me (it was around October when I took this video) and in the video, I was taking turns with my dad walking Tucker (the golden retriever), while my mom was walking Angel (the shizu).  As you can see, walking a big dog like goldens can be a challenge as they love to pull on the leash, plus my dog tends to be picky about who gets to walk him.  The centinnial trail is a relatively long trail that connects Snohomish with the Smokey Point area (near Arlington) and is used as a bike path, walking path as well as a horse trail (horses use the unpaved trail instead of the paved path).  At the time of the video, my family was walking the section going from just south of the highway 2 bridge to just south of Dubuque (though I have taken it all the way to Machias on a few occasions).  BTW, sometimes when my family goes on the trail, we will go from near Granite Falls (the Getchell trailhead) all the way to Lake Cassidy (a medium sized lake that the trail passes by on the way to the Marysville area).  Personally, I haven't taken the trail all the way from end to end yet (I am not in shape for that at this time), but I'd like to do that someday.  Enjoy this video, and feel free to share your thoughts about this video as well as the Centennial trail.  BTW, do you have a video about you taking your dogs on a walk on the trail?  Feel free to contribute as I would be happy to host it on this blog.