Tucker and Angel 2 - another video about my dogs

You know, I think that I am a little overdue for posting some more videos about my own dogs (namely a golden retriever and a shih tzu). In this video I was filming my dogs just chilling around the house. I even teased Tucker (the golden retriever) with a milkbone (he loves milkbones of course). By the way, technically, I do have a 3rd dog now, a st charles dog named, Charlie, though he actually belongs to my middle brother's girlfriend (she and him live in Portland) and he usually comes over when they are here in the Seattle area. BTW, I still have aspirations to getting either a husky or a malamute some day, but it will be a while before I start going down that path.

By the way, feel free to comment on this video as well as share it with others.  Also, do you have any videos about your dogs that you want to share?  Feel free to share one.  I'd be happy to host it here.

Also, I think I will add a short poll here.  Which breed do you like more: shih tzus or golden retrievers?  Feel free to let me know.