Siberian Husky Puppy Walk #2

Description: in this video, a lady walks 5 young siberian huskies, with another person walking one adult.

You know, I have to admire this lady's skill walking 5 siberian huskies instead of 1. Sibes are no small dogs either, and so I am sure that they can pull people down the street if they wanted to, and you are bound to have a good work out running with not 1 husky, but 5 of them. BTW, these dogs are only puppies in the video, but imagine what it will be like once they are fully grown. Of course at that point, it might be good to go roller blading with them.

I give this video 5 stars out of 5 for this lady's impressive feat.

Flashback - here is a video from Cesar the Dog Whisperer in a similar video about a lady that tries to walk 3 huskies at a time.

In the video above, this video takes place in the episode of Dog Whisperer when Cesar helps a bunch of families living on a cul de sac in a suburb near Los Angeles who all have unruly dogs (such as the german shepards that like to attack the neighbor's dogs, a lady getting dragged by 3 fully grown huskies, etc). This video above is to show how walking 3 huskies at a time can really be a handful. Of course, in the other video, the lady has 5, so that is bound be a challenge if you ask me. I have to admire the strengths of both the lady in the first video and Cesar in the second video. BTW, I don't have a husky, but I do have a golden retriever and they too can give you a good work out running or walking with them and can literally pull you down the street.

Do you have a similar feat that you want to share about you walking multiple big dogs at a time? Feel free to share!