Shiloh & Shelby go to PetSmart! Siberian Husky


Here is another petsmart related video (btw, I do happen to be an affiliate of pet smart, so if you like what pet smart has to offer, I posted a ref link to their site under the "sponsored links" page for your convenience). In this video, posted by "gonetosnowdogs", a couple brings their two siberian huskies into a Pet Smart store. I found this video impressive because 1) I am a sucker for huskies and 2) you rarely see people bringing big dogs like huskies into pet stores like Pet Smart. I live near Bridges Pets, which is a store similar to petsmart (but a little smaller) and you are far more likely to see people bringing small dogs (like Chiuhauas) instead of big dogs like siberian huskies, let alone 2 of them. BTW, gonetosnowdogs is a popular channel on youtube that features a couple and their two siberian huskies as they take them places, interact with them, etc (almost to the same calibur to the famous Mishka the Husky). Be sure to share this viral video with others and feel free to comment too.