Husky vs Robot (Stoned Times)

Here is another video about a dog playing with a robot.  This time, it is between a siberian husky and a transformers-like robot.


Isn't it amazing how dogs will get curious about the different kinds of inventions we people have?  I've seen dogs chasing after laser pens, barking at themselves at mirrors, etc, and now robots can give them new "playmates" to play with.  In this video, it is obvious that the husky does not seem to be sure of what to make of the robot and gets a little hyper around it and even barks a bit.  Though, eventually the dog just goes and lays down, ignoring it a bit (shows the lack of the "guard dog" personality in the husky being a typical husky he is).  Luckily for the robot, the dog does not seem to be the agressive type, since a more agressive breed (imagine if the dog was actually a german shepard or a doberman pincer for example) might try to take the robot out (even a golden retriever might chase after it as they will try to grab things that move such as balls).  By the way, there seem to be plenty of similar videos out there. 

BTW, do you have a video about your dog playing with a robot?  Feel free to share them. This blog is for you all and I want to have some interactivity here.  Don't be shy people.