Alaskan Malamute first snow experience

Commentary about the video:
The term snow dog obviously applies to this playful alaskan malamute featured in this video.  It appears to be his first time in the snow and he is ready to play in it. I've never actually had a malamute before (though I wouldn't mind getting one some day of course), but have seen a few of them before (such as the one I filmed at a rest area in central Washington a few months back), but the do seem to have a playful personality.  Also, they have really thick coats, and so they can stay warm even in extremly cold conditions (a must for ones that rrrare used as sled dogs, especially in Alaska and other places in the far north).  I like how the dog is just running around the yard and playing while the owner is just standing there, which the dog is probably wishing that the owner would play too (such as throwing the ball for him, giving him something to pull, etc). I give this video a thumbs up.

New Poll: which breed do you like more: huskies or malamutes (just out of curiousity)