Have halloween content? Be sure to share it

Hey everybody, as you probably know, Halloween is coming up this weekend, and to keep up with the season, I thought that it would be nice to host some halloween themed animal videos.  So, if any of you have any halloween-themed animal-related videos you want to share, I would be happy to post it here (you can share your video in the comments thread btw).

Video ideas:
  • your dog or cat in costumes (can work with other animals)
  • bigfoot expeditions (same goes with other cryptozoological creatures)
  • dogs reacting to ghosts in the house
  • dogs going trick or treating
  • visits to the pumpkin patches (at least ones with farm animals)
  • Kids getting startled by dogs or cats
  • Halloween movie trailers featuring animals
  • Destination Truth episodes
  • etc
Don't be shy people.  This blog is for you as well and your contributions are welcome.  BTW, feel free to share this blog with others as well.