Cats Confused by Treadmill

Here is a funny video I recently saw on Stupid Videos on Comcast on Demand about some cats who decide to beat up a treadmill.  Funny video

Commentary about the video:
Personally, I don't have any cats myself, but might get one some day.  Anyways, cats can sometimes do some very funny things on home videos, and in this video, it starts with a cat on a treadmill and then the person in the room decides to turn it on (probably to see if the cat will run on the treadmill).  Instead of running, the cat flips out and starts beating the treadmill with his claws.  Later on, another cat joins in on the fun too.  Persoanlly, I thought that this was a very funny video worth watching.  Don't worry, no real damage was done to the machine, aside from scratch marks made my the cats.  Like this video, please be sure to share it with others, comment on it, etc.