Ali G Show - Borat - Dog contest in USA

Here is a funny scene from the Ali G show about Borat visiting a dog show (not sure where). This video was posted by HarisMustaguidic on Youtube.

Video Description: early in the 2000's (before Borat back in 2006), there was what is called "Da Ali G show", which was a twisted but funny show about Sacha Boren Cohen in his roles as Ali G, Bruno and Borat as they go to different places, do interviews with unsuspecting people (including politicians like Ralph Nader, the secretary general at the UN, etc), visit variousl locations (such as the episode where Ali G tried his luck being trained to be a police officer at a police academy), as well as other funny moments.  In this video above, "Borat" decides to visit a dog show pretending to be interested in the dogs.  Enjoy the video.
Video commentery:
Yes this is a short episode about Borat. If you have seen the Borat film back in 2006, you would know that Borat (played by Sasha Cohen) poses as a Kazakstan immigrant who tends to pose as a total idiot, and in this episode, he visits a dog show. Personally I haven't been to a dog show in a while, but it would be fun to attend one some time. Anyways, Borat goes around at the dog show, checking out the different dogs there, and gets a little wiered too. Multiple breeds here.  The dogs seemed to react a bit around Borta too (for example, a husky shies away from Borat after a while).