English Bulldog watching TV (Family Guy) sitting on a couch

Now, this is not something you see every day. Even my dogs usually ignore the TV when it is on (I even play the Animal viral videos on the Stupid Videos channel on Comcast on Demand sometimes, and they still ignore it), but this is way funny.

Commentary about the video
This is actually a video that my dad shared with me via Facebook about this English Bulldog casually watching tv while sitting on a sofa with a remote control near his lap.  Now this is actually an unusual feat since getting a dog to casually watch TV like this bulldog featured in the video can be easier said than done.  I have 2 dogs myself, though they are not bulldogs (I have a golden retriver and a bichon frise shizu instead) and they usually ignore the TV when it is on.   I even try showing animal videos posted on Stupid Videos in front of them (there is a channel for that on comcast on demand, where you can watch random viral videos that people post on that site) and they usually ignore it anyways, though sometimes they will only react to certain sounds.  I have to give the poster of this video credit for being able to get his dog to watch TV on a couch.  BTW, there are other videos of dogs watching TV as well, but not as creative as this one.