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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Some Dogs Just Hate Certain Words Compilation" || CFS

For you fellow dog owners here, do your dog(s) respond to certain words?  Angel responds to the name, Charlie (my brother Brett and his wife Jocelyn have a st Charles dog named Charlie).  Tucker (the golden retriever) responds to several words, like "bone", "outside", walk/rock, etc.  This video shows some pretty funny reactions, such as dogs snarling to the word Justin Bieber (don't know what the dog has against him, but it is kind of funny to watch) or Bath.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Big Dogs Playing with Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD VIDEO]

Who likes babies and dogs?  Here is a cute video about dogs and babies playing together.  Doesn't this video bring back memories from when you were a kid?  I remember having my first dog back in Lindenhurst Illinois (a springer spaniel named Crocket).  However, Crocket was not well behaved we ended up giving him away.  However, I have lived continuously with dogs since 1997 (first Teddy the golden retriever and now Angel the Shih Tzu and Tucker the Golden Retriever).