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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tucker and Angel at Perrygain Lake State Park Near Winthrop, WA

Here is a video I took of my dogs when I was at Perrygain Lake State Park near Winthrop, WA.  Perrygain Lake is a relatively popular camping destination for my family and we have taken many trips there (usually at least week in the summer, though not every year).  This is also one of the few camping trips where Tucker was present too (usually my family only brings Angel since Tucker tends to be head strong and stubborn when going places).  My family has also been to Lake Wenatchee, Priest Lake Idaho, Cape Dissapointment and Camp Sherman (near Sisters, Oregon) for camping trips too.  One nice thing about Perrygain Lake is the high desert style feel to in as well as the Park style environment. Note: I was originally planning to make this video exclusive for my blog, but the uploader thing doesn't seem to be working properly and so I had to use Youtube to host the video and share it that way..