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About Me

Hello, my name is Ryan Jones.  I am 28 years old and am from Snohomish, WA
I am in the right of the picture.  At the time of the picture, I was in Skagway, Alaska during a 7 day cruise to Alaska and back.  Other highlight of the cruise included: seeing Juneau, Ketchikan and visiting the Tracy arm glacier.

I like animals and even have 2 dogs myself: a golden retriever and a bichon frise shizu, though I also have aspirations to getting either a siberian husky or an alaskan malamute someday too (hence all of the videos I've shared about the 2 breeds), though currently I don't have the money for one, so my hands are tied right now.

Favorite vacations destinations:
  • California (especially southern California, though I usually go to the Sacramento area when going to California)
  • Alaska
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Las Vegas
  • Bryce Canyon
  • South Lake Tahoe
Zoos and Aquariums I've been to (since it is an animal videos blog):
  • Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium
  • Northwest Trek
  • The Vancouver Zoo (went there back in 2007)
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • The Vancouver Aquarium (the one in Stanley Park)
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • The Portland Zoo
  • A zoo in Sacramento
  • Marine World (though I haven't been back there since moving to Washington State back in 1994)
  • The Milwalkee Zoo in Wisconsin (though I haven't been back there since moving to Washington)
  • The Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert (went there during the summer of 2006)
(more content will be added over time, so check back for updates)