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Monday, September 8, 2014

Evergreen State Fair Pictures 2014

I went to both the Evergreen State Fair (in Monroe, WA) and later the Puyallup (Washington State Fair) this month and took some pictures of the animals.  I meant to take more pictures at the Washington State fair, but my camera phone's batteries died about half way through my time there and so I was limited on how many pictures I could take.  As for the Evergreen State Fair, I was with my parents there and had only so much time to see everything I wanted to, though I would have liked to take more pictures than I did.  In this post, I share the pictures I took at the Evergreen State Fair

Goats at the fair

Cows at the Evergreen State Fair.  There was also a baby cow there, but I forgot to get a picture of the baby cow.

Picture of the stables at the Evergreen State fair.  They have a good collection of horses that you can see there.

Visited the goat barn exhibit.  Lots of goats playing here.

There were other places I visited, including the dog barn (seemed to be a bit scaled back this year), chicken, ducks and rabits area, along with pigs, cattle, and even the petting zoo they had, but I forgot to get pictures of those.