Dog (Brussels Griffon) jumping for Santa video

Here is a funny video that not all dogs seem to do: going crazy when watching TV, such as this dog jumping when he sees Santa Claus in some movie (Elf?)

I find this video to be pretty hillarious, with the dog (a brussels griffon) jumping and barking while watching the TV.  I have two dogs myself, and while they will watch TV sometimes (especially when they hear other animals), they never go crazy like this little dog does in the video.  It is almost like this dog thinks the characters in the film are real and right in front of him, even though they are only on TV.  By the way, this is not the only video where a dog goes crazy while watching a movie.  I was watching a video a while back at about a siberian husky trying to "communicate" with the dogs in the movie, Snow Dogs, which you can see at

By the way, does your dog go crazy when watching TV?  Mine don't, but I would curious to hear your stories.