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Friday, September 17, 2010

Have a video you want to share? Let's see it

Attention viewers, do you have an animal related video you want to share?  Whether it is a youtube video, facebook video, etc, I am looking for people to help contribute to this blog.  The videos I post are based on my interests as well as videos I take (though not all of them of course).  Of course, if you have videos of your own you want to share or think that should be on this blog, I would be happy to post it.  PM me if you have a video you want to share. 

Posting rules:
- must be animal related
- must be pg 13 rated or less
- If it is a video someone else posted, I will need the person's credentials (for example, if you post a youtube video, his/her screen name will do) before posting it (gives him/her credit for the video). 
- please no duplicate videos as well

Again, your contributions are welcome, btw if you plan to contribute regularly, I'd be happy to add you as an author per request.