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This month's featured video - Siberian Husky Walk #2 - posted by fellowes58 on youtube

Originally, I was going to use the husky/malamute collection video I posted as my first video of the month.   However, I found this video, posted by fellowes58 on youtube to be very impressive.  In this video, a lady walks not one young husky, but 5 all at the same time (it is obvious they were pulling on the leash too), while the man in front only walks one husky.  I have to admit that is one impressive feat and I have to admire this lady's strength and stamina.  I don't have a husky, but I do have a golden retriever, and even one medium sized dog like a husky or a golden retriever can give you a good work out, but 5 siberian huskies?  That is insane.  BTW, there was a similar episode on Cesar the Dog Whisperer on National geographic (see blog post on the other page), where a lady has trouble walking 3 fully grown huskies and it is up to Cesar to help her with her situation.  I give the the lady in this video an A for effort and this video 5 stars out of 5.  Feel free to comment on this video and share it with others. 

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