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Monday, May 23, 2016

Nothing will make you laugh harder than funny animals - Funny animal com...

Good morning everyone, here are some funny animal videos worth sharing

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie - Funny scenes

Here are some funny scenes from the new Angry Birds movie.  I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Visited thee Espresso Chalet Near Index

Hey everyone, are there any bigfoot (or sasquatch) believers here?  Who here have seen the movie, "Harry and the Hendersons"?  About 2 weeks ago, I had to go to Gold Bar for Crossmark (had to do a job at the Family Grocer).  Afterwards, I wanted to visit a coffee shop where I can have my lunch (have been on the 30/10 weight loss diet lately) and get coffee, so I went out towards Index (just a few miles east of Gold Bar) and ended up visiting the Espresso Chalet.  Interestingly, the location is well known for its appearance in the movie, "Harry and the Hendersons".  For those of you who don't know, it is a movie about a family who encounters a "friendly" sasquatch while driving on some backroad in the cascades (Stampede Pass?) and the family must cope with having a bigfoot in their residence for a while (at least till they can release him back in the wild, which leads to some crazy happenings around Seattle). 

Here are pictures I got of the place:
Here is a picture of what the Espresso Chalet may have looked like at the time of Harry and the Hendersons.  May have been a gas station along highway 2 long before it became an espresso stand.

Here is a statue of what looks like a sasquatch waving at cars as they drive by on Highway 2 along with a sign welcoming people to the Cascade Mountains.  Highway 2 quickly transition from a country highway to a mountain highway east of Gold Bar and goes over Stevens Pass and eventually goes to Wenatchee and even Spokane.  It is a popular alternate route (along with highways 12 and 410 to the south and highway 20 to the north) to Interstate 90 when going across the mountains

Here is a picture of the espresso chalet today.  It is an espresso stand/coffee shop nestled out in the woods.  This is what the place looks like today.  I actually had a picinic there myself (had a Americano, soup, and salad like I normally do). 

Another picture of the Espresso Chalet Espresso Stand.  The building to the left seems to be where the "Bigfoot Mueum" was in "Harry and the Hendersons".  Now it seems to be the back office building for the espresso stand workers.

Above is a trailer for the movie on youtube.  You can watch the full movie either on Netflix (it is currently on the listings there last I checked) or I am sure you can buy it on Amazon (see http://www.amazon.com/Harry-Hendersons-Special-Don-Ameche/dp/B000MRNWKG?ie=UTF8&creativeASIN=B000MRNWKG&linkCode=w00&linkId=BW3WCVC46WJYGMQC&ref_=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til&tag=rjsavjoma-20) for a link to the movie(s) on Amazon.

Foods for thought:
- I had no idea that the espresso chalet was featured in Harry in the Hendersons, but I went back and watched the movie and was able to confirm it (though it may have been a gas station at the time).
- Do real life big foots exist?  While Harry and  the Hendersons is a work of fiction, there are people that claim they have seen real life bigfoots or sasquatches and the Pacific Northwest is apparently a hotspot for sightings.  The espresso chalet even had some books and brochures that you could buy that talks all about the creature.  Personally I have never seen or heard a sasquatch, but there is that part of me that wants to believe they exist.  If you have any experiences with the creatures, feel free to share your stories in the comments section.  Like the commentators in IGN once said (on GTA San Andreas once said): I want to believe they exist, but I want to see real evidence that bigfoot is real (such as a clear photograph of one or even a video that surpases that of the Patterson film).  By the way, the Bigfoot Field Organization website specializes on bigfoots and even has a database of sightings that take place all across the US and the globe for that matter.  You can check out their website at www.bfro.net.
- While I do live in the Seattle area in present time (2016), back when the movie was made (1987), I was actually living in the Chicago area in Illinois).  Was probably about 5 years old at the time the movie was made and was living in the house I was at on Timber lane in Lindenhurst (maybe about 5 miles south of the Wisconsin border and just off of the Interstate 94 freeway).  I was in Illinois for over 9 years before moving to the Seattle area in 1994 (of course by now, my time in Washington has surpassed my time in Illinois by over 20 years).  I am pretty familiar with the Seattle area by now.  By the way, you know the exit that the family takes to go to "mount rainer", it is actually the exit for highway 522, lake city way.  I've been up and down that road on many different locations, especially between highway 2 and interstate 405.  It starts off as a boulevard arterial and makes a popular alternate route to Seattle from the east side (especially with the new 520 bridge tolls) and does have some freeway stretches between Interstate 405 and highway 2 in Monroe.  According to the DOT website, there are long term plans to upgrade the route to a full freeway between Bothell and Monroe and about 2/3 of the route is a freeway (especially with the Monroe section done), but there is still about a 3 mile gap that is a super 2 freeway and even has a stoplight in Maltby (currently the only stoplight on the road between Monroe and Bothell).  It is not clear when the gap will be bridged due to funding issues (they should widen it considering that both Monroe and Snohomish are fast growing communities and 522 is a major thoroughfare between Seattle and Monroe with congestion growing every year, especially in the afternoon commutes). 
- Espresso Chatlet can be a popular pitstop point for people heading to Leavenworth.
(more will be added later as I think of more)  

Well, that is all for my blog post and hope you enjoyed it. 

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Ryan Jones
ps - Have you seen a bigfoot or sasquatch and have a story you want to share?  Feel free to share them in the comments below. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Angry Birds Movie Trailer 4 (2016)

I was kind of debating on  whether to share this video on my video game blog or my animal videos blog, but considering that it is about birds, I thought I would share it here.  Who here has played any of the "Angry Birds" games?  I remember playing the Google Play version a few years ago where you play as the angry birds and defeat villainous pigs by destroying their structures.  Anyways it looks like the franchise is about to get their first animated film.  Check it out

EXCLUSIVE: 'Finding Dory' Trailer

Hey, have any of you seen the first "Finding Nemo" movie.  I remember seeing it when it came out in theaters. Now in 2016, Finding Nemo's official sequel is about to come out: Finding Dory.  It is supposed to take place sometime after the events of the first movie and focuses on Dory.  Here is the trailer for the movie below.

By the way, who is excited for this movie.  Marks the first official sequel in the Finding Nemo series and will definitely be interesting to watch.  Lots of cool movies coming out this year.  Last week I saw Captain America Civil War.  Finding Dory will probably be a hit for  the children considering that Disney movies usually have kids as their target audiences.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pictures from the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim back in September

Hey everybody.  I am sorry for not posting these pictures sooner (working almost full time lately between Crossmark and Advantage Sales and Marketing).  Anyways, my birthday falls on the 26th of September every year, and my family usually does something special to celebrate my birthdays.  I turned 33 years old this last year and do you know what I did: went to the Olympic Game Farm.  It was actually a surprise and I didn't really know we were going there till we got to Sequim.  It was actually one of 3 things we did, along with visiting Port Gamble and even having dinner at Port Townsend afterwards. Anyways, while at the Olympic Game Farm, I was sure to get a bunch pictures while I was there with my windows phone.  These pictures below are not all of the pictures I took, but I picked them out of the bunch I took.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Olympic Game Farm, it is basically a Wildlife Safari style zoo park located along the Olympic Penninsula near Sequim and houses a wide variety of animals.  Interestingly, at one time, it housed retired animal actors after they stopped appearing in movies (such as Disney movies).  Not sure if they still have animal actors or not (I was told most of them have passed away from old age over the years), but they still have a good number of animals you can see.  Generally it is basically a "drive through" park where visitors can drive through the park and even feed animals with the foods they give you to feed the animals.  Plenty of animals to see, including wolves, elk, bears, bison, moose, goats, sheep, and even a variety of birds. 

Here is a picture of the general route my family took going there, taking the Edmonds Kingston Ferry and driving out to the Olympic Penninsula. 
Picture of the Olympic Game farm sign near Sequim.  Found this picture on Flickr.  The park is a short drive north of downtown Sequim.

Arriving at the Olympic Game Farm park

Here is a picture of my folks at the park.  I like how the zoo has pictures of random animals on the side there.

Picture of a grey wolf "smiling" for the camera.  Apparently, these wolves are tame enough that zoo keepers can walk them on leash.  Food for thought.  Do wolves live in Western Washington? My understanding is that they are being reintroduced in various parts of Washington, most notably on the Olympic Penninsula and in Eastern Washington.  Personally I have never seen a wolf in the wild here in Washington (besides the ones in zoos) and apparently there have been sightings of them in Western Washington (see http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/gray_wolf/reporting/sightings.html) for a map of reported wolf sightings), but I am not sure if they exist in Western Washington or not (though they do seem to be more common in British Columbia Canada).  However, in my neck of the woods, wolves usually seem to come in the form of coyotes.  I have seen coyotes on various occasions, most recently while driving towards Monroe yesterday (one crossed the road and went into the woods as I was driving) and you can hear their howls, usually late at night.  Do any of you have any wolf sightings worth sharing?  I would love to hear it. 

Picture of european fallow deer at the Olympic Game farm.  They are quite common there and love food hand outs you give them.

picture of a deer trying to keep up with my dad's truck as we were driving (yes we were in a pickup truck during the tour).

Entering the area with buffalo. Like other animals,  they love hand outs and will try to reach for them with their long tongues.  Interestingly, the park recommends people do not stop in that section, but they can definitely slow down traffic when out and about and will approach vehicles for food handouts. 

Picture of an elk at the game farm.  They share the same habitat as the buffalos.  Interestingly, they do seem to exist in the wild here in Washington (outside the park) and I have seen warning signs of elk crossing on various highways and freeways throughout the state (most notably on highway 101 along the olymic peninsula and on interstate 90).

Not sure if these are wolves or coyotes.  The park seems to have both kinds of species.  They look more like wolves than coyotes to me though

Picture of a grizzly bear at the Olympic game farm.  Apparently, he is the bear that will "wave you good bye" according to the commercials.  In western Washingtion, I have never seen a grizzly bear in the wild, but I have seen black bears on at least 3 occasions.  One time I even saw a bear when driving down the hill in my neighborhood (he literally ran across the road while my mother was driving towards town running errands).  Grizzlies do seem to exist in the cascades though, especially at north cascades national park along highway 20 near Ross Lake. 

Me getting a selfie with a grizzly bear out the window

Another picture of the grizzly bear

Yes, there are zebras at the Olympic Game farm.  Apparently there are lions, red foxes and coyotes too.  Never saw the lion though and forgot to get pictures of the coyotes and foxes (phone ran out of batteries though).
Well that is all of the pictures I took.  I am sure you can find more pictures of the park on the web.  By the way, the Olympic Game Farm does have a website you can visit.  You can check it out at http://olygamefarm.com/.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am planning to do another visit sometime this year (probably the Woodland Park Zoo) and will try to get more pics whenever I go.  This visit actually marks the second time I visited the Olympic Game farm (went there one other time towards the end of my college years while attending Northwest University).

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

How would you like to encounter a massive whale like this diver did?  Never done anything like it before, but this diver got a very close encounter with a right whale. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Incredible Timelapse of Birds nest video

Here is an interesting video featuring a birds nest.  Interestingly a bird lays eggs and flies away.  Sadly, a snake enters the scene too and eats the eggs.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Farm Animals Compilation

Hey, who here lives out in rural areas in the United States or America.  Do any of you consider yourself "hillbillies"?  I am not quite a hillbillie type (lived in the suburbs most of my life), but here in Snohomish, you are pretty much in a growing small town (just south east of Everett) and you are never far from farm lands or ranches (there is even a valley full of farm lands you cross when heading towards Snohomish from Mill Creek).  Who here has farm animals (such as horses, cows, pigs, donkeys, chickens, etc)?  I never owned any farm animals myself, but do know people who have horses and sometimes even cows. 
Here is a picture of some alpacas at Remlinger Farms at the Fall Festival near Carnation.  Remlingers is definitely one of the more popular pumkin patches to go to in my opinion in Halloween season.  If you have never driving on highway 203 between Monroe and Fall City here in Washington, it is a very scenic route going through the small towns of Duvall and Carnation and transversing much of the farm lands in the sky valley and can make a good alternate route going to the Issaquah and North Bend area from Snohomish (as opposed to taking Interstate 405 to 90). 
  Here are some videos you might like:
Farm animals compilation by Tony Crossfil on youtube - here is a video showing off various farm animals he has
2. Day in the life of a west Texas cowboy - interestingly, my grandfather on my mom's side (Joe Shackelford) used live in west Texas as a kid (long before moving to the Sacramento area back in the 1920s and 30s), so he was probably familiar with that kind of lifestyle.  I live a long ways from Texas, but Eastern Washington and even Montana is likely to make you feel like you are in cowboy country, full of farm land, deserts, mountains and even farm animals
3. Horses up close
4. Baby Cows

Are you more of a dog person or cat person?

Hey, who here has pets?  Do you have dogs, cats or both?  I currently live with 2 dogs (sometimes 3 when my brother Brett is around, he has a st Charles caviler) and never owned a cat.  I don't mind cats myself, though sadly I am allergic to them (sneeze a lot, itchy eyes, etc and sometimes even the mere presence of them can trigger my allergies, especially when 2 or more are present), so owning one would be difficult.  Though I've known people that have had both.  Even my Aunt Linda from Sacramento owns several cats at her house.  I've also known a good number of people who own dogs too.  Even some of my neighbors own some dogs too (for example, the people next to my house have a black lab named Jake).  Here are some videos I found on youtube that shows off some dogs vs cats:

1. FUNNY DOG and CAT Videos Cats vs Dogs Compilation by Human Fail
FUNNY DOG and CAT Videos Cats vs Dogs Compilation
2. Tucker the golden retriever at the dog park (video of my dog at the Lowell Dog Park in Everett)

3. Dogs vs cats conversation - here is a video about these dudes doing a debate about dogs vs cats
4. Here is another dog vs cat compilation video - aw, isn't that sweet with the black cat and the lab together?
5. Cats can be curious - here is a funny video compilation that America's Funniest Video posted a few years ago about curious cats.  Pretty funny video to watch

Well, that is all for now.  There are plenty of other videos you can watch about dogs and cats, but you can find more on youtube.  By the way, are you a dog person or cat person?  Do you have experience having both kinds of pets?  I am more of a dog person myself, especially after owning several dogs since my high school years.  Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your experiences

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