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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Husky Puppy Cam

Here is a video on youtube show a live camera feed of siberian husky puppies.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Huskies filmed by a 1st Grader!

Siberian huskies anyone?  Here is another video of Mishka and Laika filmed in the perspective of a first grader (though the voice behind the camera sounds more like an adult in my opinion).  I bet huskies make interesting family dogs, considering that both huskies and kids generally have lots of energy.  By the way, I like how they seem to go crazy for doggie treats (my dog Tucker does that too).

Puffer fish chases after laser pointer video

Here is another funny video I saw on Stupid Videos today.  I have seen videos of dogs and cats chasing after laser pointers, but in this video, we see a fish chasing after it.  Pretty funny to watch.  Interestingly, the other fish in the tank seemed to be holding back while the big one is chasing after a laser pointer.  By the way, I do not have a fish tank in my house, but my brother Justin does (he has a beta fish).

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Girl scared of Manatee video on Stupidvideos

Here is a funny and yet interesting video I saw on Stupidvideos.  In this video (presumably somewhere in Florida), some lady goes out for a swim and sees a manatee swimming around and goes nuts.  Check it out:

Commentary about video

I thought this video was pretty funny and interesting to watch.  Just fyi I have only been to Florida twice.  Used to have a grandfather on my dad's side of the family that lived there (he passed away around 1993) that lived in the Venice area (near Tampa) and I remember going there twice (went to Disney World in Orlando both times too).  However, I don't recall seeing a manatee on either occasion (not sure if they exist in the Tampa area like they do near Miami), though I did encounter a bottlenosed dolphin once (have pictures of it).  I guess when you jump in ocean water, you never know what might be swimming around with you, be it a fish, shark, whale, manatee or whatever.  Luckily for her, it was just a manatee swimming around.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cats and dogs wearing Halloween costumes - Funny and cute animal compila...

While it is not exactly October or Halloween (it is currently April and October is about 6 months away), here is an interesting and cute video showing dogs and cats in costumes.  By the way, I've tried using costumes for my dogs (such as hats), but they don't do very well with costumes (for example, Tucker will shrug it off).

Those pets definitely look cute in costumes.  I don't think my dogs would do well in costumes though.

Funny cats and babies playing together - Cute cat & baby compilation

Here is an interesting video showing babies and cats playing