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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Want to see a real life reindeer? The Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Washington has them.

Ah, another Christmas has come and gone and the year of 2015 is literally 2 days away.  You know, just thinking about Christmas and Santa Claus?  Did you know that you can actually meet a real life Reindeer here in Washington State (and no I am not talking about Rudolph).  In Issaquah, Washington, there is relatively small zoo called, the Cougar Mountain Zoo where you can see them.  Check out a video they have here:

I actually went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo once.  It was several years ago during the summer months, but I want to go there again possibly next year given the opportunity.  In addition to reindeer, they have several other animals, including: cougars, macaws, cheetahs and many other kinds of animals.  Sadly, I did not have a windows phone at the time so I wasn't able to get pictures that time (like I did at the Point Defiance Zoo earlier this year).  For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.cougarmountainzoo.org/About%20Zoo/welcome.aspx.  .

By the way, Washinton State has several other Zoos I have been to, including:
- Northwest Trek (there you can go on a tram ride and see animals that way)
- Reptile Zoo near Sultan, Washington (they have an assortment of reptiles you can see).
- Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington (they also have an aquarium you can check out too). I went there earlier this year by the way
- Woodland Park Zoo.  It is probably the biggest zoo in Washington State that I am aware of and has huge collection of animals to check out (they even offer a giraffe feeding station too).  I've been there for some of the Kohl's cares event they host too.
- Olympic Game farm in Sequim.  It is definitely a hike from the Seattle area (though taking the ferry can help save time depending on traffic levels) and you can drive through the park and literally feed animals, including caribou, buffalo, and other animals.  Only watch your step as you drive as some of the animals love to get really close to your car.
- Vancouver British Columbia Zoo.  It is up in Canada, but I have been there at least once.  It is near Aldergrove (just east of the Vancouver area) and it is almost as big as the Woodland Park Zoo.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Golden puppy meets alasken malamute

Here is a video (uploaded recently) about a golden retriever puppy meeting an alaskan malamute.  I bet the golden will keep the other dog busy considering that goldens can have lots of energy too (especially as puppies).

Funny Cats Videos HD

Who here likes cats?  Here are some more funny cat videos

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cute Kittens Snuggle And Playing

Who likes kittens?  Here is a cute video about kittens playing.  Posted by Miss Awww.  I'd get a cat but I have 2 dogs, plus I am actually allergic to cats, so I can't.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Update on the job at Wet Noses

On my last post, I said I was getting a new temporary full time job at Wet Noses.  It is basically a company that makes and sells dog treats to customers and retailers.  For my job, I was doing several things including:
- helping to pack boxes
- putting tags on things
- wrapping things
- Putting together boxes

Well, I was there for about a week and long story short, I found out that I was let go from the job last night.  I remember from some of my coworkers that they hire on temps but they usually keep some on full time while others they get rid of and sadly I didn't make the cut.  I did pretty well with most of the tasks I did, but like most people I did have my strengths and weaknesses.  Anyways, I think there was a station I was doing that I was weak at (namely the one where you have to wrap these "muffins" on a stick, or whatever they are called).  They showed me how to do it, but it was trickier to do than it looked and I think that trippmed me up there (I guess they are expecting everyone to be perfect at all of the stations there).  So despite my best efforts, I did not make the cut (got a call last night from my recruiter that I was going to be "let go" from the position).  On the positive note, now I do have some extra time to make new posts.

By the way, have any of you had jobs that you hated or didn't go so well for you?  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Got a new temporary job at Wet Noses in Monroe

Picture of the Wet Noses website (visit http://wet-noses.com/ for more info).

It has been a few days since I have posted last, so I will go ahead and make my latest post.  I am back from Whistler British Columbia, in case if you don't know, and these last few weeks have been pretty busy for me with some interesting changes.  I will post this change on this blog since it is somewhat relevant to pets.  Up till midpoint of last month, I was working part time at Snohomish Publishing (usually 3-6:30 in the afternoon Monday through Friday) along with part time at Kohl's and Advantage Sales and Marketing.  Of course, about halfway through last month, Snohomish Publishing went out of business and so I don't work there anymore.  I still work at Kohls and Advantage part time, but they are more gigs for me than regular jobs (I work at Kohl's one 4 hour shift every week on average and Advantage is always hit and miss each week, where some weeks I get lots of demos to do and others I get little or no demos). Well, last week I resumed my job search and not long after I started on my job search, I got recruited by Allstarz Staffing / Pace Staffing for a warehouse position at Wet Noses (which is supposed to last all of this month and possibly longer if they decide to hire me on full time after my assignment ends in January).  I officially started working there last Thursday and am supposed to work there at least till after New Years.  

I can't divuldge too much information about Wet Noses (had to sign a non-disclosure agreement when hired on), but I will just say they make various kinds of treats for dogs(such as "cookies" and "cupcakes") that they sell to vaious retailers they are affiliated with.  I help in the warehouse with packaging, wrapping, tagging and decorating the various doggie treats.  By the way, I am sure my dog, Tucker would love to try what they are making (maybe I can buy some of their products sometime).  This job is full time Monday through Friday and the average shift runs from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm (which means I have to get up 4:30 every morning between now and January).  As a result of this new job, I will probably be less active on posting to this blog for a while.  I will try to make posts sometimes, but much of my mornings and early afternoons are going to be quite busy for a while.  This position is supposed to run till January, though there is always a chance Wet Noses could hire me on full time, though I probably won't know whether or not they will extend me until towards the end of this month.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Siberian Husky Puppies Playing in the snow, plus pics from Whistler

Do you like siberian huskies?  Here is a video I saw on youtube showing a good sized collection of husky puppies playing in the snow. This video is pretty fitting for this time of year (December) considering that winter is pretty much here (at least here in Washington State, I don't know about elsewhere).

By the way, you know in Whistler BC, the Whistler Village is a popular place for people to take their dogs for a walk and as you might expect in Canada every now and then you just might encounter people with siberian huskies and alaskan malamutes.  It doesn't happen every time in Whister, but I have seen people with huskies and malamutes on more than one occasion.  Here are some pictures I have of them:

Here is a picture of my mother with a lady walking her 2 dogs, namely a malamute and another dog (not sure what breed the other  dog is).  Yes, it was cold that day (I think it was only about 8 degrees farenheight that day).

I actually got a picture of this malamute near the Needa Lake lodge in the Creekside Vincinity of Whistler.  I was going back to my car after having lunch and saw my mother petting her and managed to get a picture of her with my phone.  

Flashback from Thanksgviving 2013.  I snapped a picture of this siberian husky sitting in a chair outside a Starbucks in the Whistler Village (by the way, there are 3 Starbucks' in Whistler).  This one was across the street from where the Carlbergs' gift store is.  I didn't see a sibe there this year though, so I am sure it is not every day you see dogs sitting in a chair like this one.
Well, that is all for now.  Do you have pictures or videos of your dogs playing in the snow.  By the way, it did snow a few times while in Whister.