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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Teasing my dogs with a laser pen along with 3 similar videos

You know, I have seen videos about people teasing their pets with laser pens and seeing how they react (sometimes even with hillarious results).  As a dog owner myself, I thought I would check and see how my dogs react to laser pens.  First I tease Tucker (the golden retriever) with it and later I teased Angel with it too. Check it out here:

BTW, don't worry, no dogs were harmed in making this video.

By the way, there are several other videos about people teasing their pets with a laser pen, here are 3 others I like:

1. Teasing the Dogs with laser pointers (posted by 5000degreesF)- in this video, there are 3 dogs (2 poodles and a beagle) and they all go crazy with it.  Check it out:

2. Cats vs laser pointer compilation, posted by YourLifeCycle
Here is a compilation of videos about cats going crazy when it comes to laser pointers.

3. Alaskan Malamutes Chase after a laser like a kitty (posted by AudioDrugFix).  Here is a video about 2 alaskan malamutes chasing after a laser. Pretty funny:

There are many other videos like this about animals chasing lasers and you can probably find alot of them on Youtube and Stupidvideos, but this post would be huge if I shared them all.  By the way, how do your pets react to laser pens?

Few words of caution about lasers if you want to try them with animals:
- Never point the laser directly into their eyes if you can help it.  Can blind them and you would not want that to happen.
- Be careful about pointing lasers at people or anything you don't want to be scratched or bit (for example shining a laser on your friend's back as a dog, especially big dogs will likely try to jump on their back or even bite).  Also, cats can scratch with their claws
- Be careful about trying this with wild animals.  Not sure how they would react.  Same goes with strange dogs too.