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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just got a new job. Big changes coming to my posting schedule

Hey everybody.  Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  I have some good news and bad new (btw) I will make the same type of post on my other blogs too.

Good news:
I am about to get a new part time job.  It is a company called, Tech Mahindra, which is essentially an affiliate of Microsoft.  Basically if I get the job, I will be working with he bing search engine as a human relevance system (hrs) judge.  In this new position, I would basically be helping to rate websites for the bing search engine team at Microsoft.  For privacy and confidentiallity reasons (I don't think they would appreciate it if I talk about how the job works and how it relates to sites ranking on bing) I can't get into all of  the details about my new job (other than basically looking up websites and evaluating them) but basically I will be doing that on a part time basis, which would be in addition to the 3 other jobs I have (Snohomish Publishing, Kohl's, and Advantage Sales and Marketing).  This new position will usually be Mon-Friday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (except Thursdays due to working at Kohl's those days), and might evenutally replace my job at Kohl's if all goes well.  I don't officially have the job yet, as here is a class I have to take as well as a test to pass at the end before getting the job (though I might have the job officially by next week sometime as of this posting).

Bad news:

Obviously, my free time is going to be dropping significantly.  It has actually dropped quite significantly over the last few months anyways in part due an issue that happened with my mother (she broke her ankle back in December) and have been having to help take care of her and do things for her while she is recovering (such as taking her to the doctor, making lunch for her, etc), which is one of the reasons why I haven't posted in a while.  Here is what my daily schedule will likely look like in the upcoming weeks (assuming I get this job)

Mon - Friday (except on days where I am working at Kohl's)
9:30 - 1:30p: Working at Microsoft
1:30 - 3:30: Free (though I still have to drive back from Redmond).  May try to get a work out in.
3:30 - 7:00: work at Snohomish Publishing (job number 2)
after 7:00 pm: free.  Note: on Tuesday nights I usually have bible study to go to after working at Snohomish Publishing and on Wednesday nights I help with Awana (an organization affiliated with my church, somewhat similar to cub scouts in a way)

Thursdays (or whenever I work at Kohls)
8am - 12 p - work at Kohls
rest of the day (same with other days)

Saturday: Free (except on days when I am doing a demo for Advantage Sales and Marketing
8a-10a: free
10:45-12:30 - church
12:30 - night Free (except on days where I am doing a demo).

I will try to post whenever I get around to it, but obviously I will not be posting as often as I was.  Of course, if any of you want to help keep this site alive and fresh, I could always use contributors and guest authors.  For example, if you have videos you want me to share on this site, feel free to let me know and I will post it.  Want to be a guest author?  PM me and I will try to add you as an author.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wolves at the Woodland Park Zoo

Here is a video I took at the woodland park zoo (last April) showing off the wolf exhibit at the zoo.  I was there for the Kohl's cares volunteer event where we helped with the zoo clean up as well as other volunteer activities (my group ended up helping with some of the gardening there).  One perk about volunteering at the zoo is that you basically get free admission into the zoo for the day and since I didn't have any plans in the afternoon that day, I decided to stroll around the park and see the different animals there.  When I got to the Northwest part of the Zoo (where they show off animals from North America and Canada, such as bears, wolves, etc), the wolves were pretty active, and so I decided to film them.  Note: sorry for  the blurriness, though since I was filming the wolves using my camera phone.  The wolves actually got pretty close to the fence a few times too.

By the way, I want to go to the zoo again this year (possibly the point defiance zoo again too), when I get the time for it.  Kohl's did do another volunteer event at the zoo again this year (2014) but I had to work that day instead, plus it was stormy out anyways this year and that would have made walking around the zoo a bit difficult.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dog Tries Biting Speeding Cars

Here is an interesting video I found about a dog snapping at cars as they pass by (presumably on some freeway).  By the way my dog, Tucker loves to stick his head out the window while in the car, but he never tries to snap at cars like this dog does (though he does bark sometimes when people he doesn't know get too close).  By the way, I do feel somewhat sorry for the dog in this video since what happens if a speeding car got too close to the window and hit the dog?  Perhaps they need to train the dog not to snap at cars.

More videos of Tucker at the Lowell Dog Park in Everett, WA

Here is a video I posted of Tucker at the Lowell Dog park in Everett.  TuckerandAngel is a sub channel of mine that focuses more on my dogs, namely Tucker and Angel.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wolf close encounter (similar to my previous post)

Here is another close animal sighting worth sharing.  In the last post I talked about a guy having a close encounter with a cougar in British Columbia (near Powell River along the coastline).  In this post, there is a guy in his car somewhere (presumably in British Columbia somewhere given the wilderness and all, but the poster doesn't say) and he encounters what looks like a wolf in close range.  Interestingly, one commenter thought that the animal was actually a coyote, but after seeing the video myself, the animal definitely does not look like a coyote up close (like the video I shared back in january, see http://rjanimalvideos.blogspot.com/2014/01/coyote-attack-best-footage-ever.html for the other post) and looks more like a wolf to me.  Check it out below:


Commentary about the video:

I bet you don't see videos like this one everyday, and like cougars, wolves can be extremely elusive creatures.  I have seen them in zoos (like the wolves I saw at the Woodland park zoo, though I have yet to post the video on Youtube or Stupidvideos), but I have never actually seen them in the wild (and I do live in the Pacific Northwest and have been to various places where wolves do seem to exist, like the time I went on a cabin trip to Ely, Minnesota as well as trips to Idaho, Montana, and even British Columbia).  In my experience, you are far more likely to encounter coyotes in the wild than wolves and I have seen coyotes on various occasions.  British Columbia seems to be a great place to visit if you are looking for wolves, cougars, coyotes and other elusive creatures.  By the way, I have heard that wolves are slowly being reintroduced in parts of Washington and Oregon State (particularly east of the cascades), but I have yet to encounter one myself.  Interestingly in this video, the wolf approaches the vehicle and wanders off so the sighting is relatively short lived.

Cougar Close Encounter Video

If you live in rural areas in various parts of US and even in Canada, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, there are several types of animals you may encounter: bears, cougars, wolves (they do seem to be making a comeback in in parts of Washington and Oregon for example, especially in mountains and easter parts of the two states), coyotes, along with other critters.  Personally, I have never seen a cougar before (at least not in the wild) and the same can be said for wolves, though I have seen bears on a few occasions (including one that literally crossed the road down the hill from my house) and I have seen coyotes on various occasions too.  Anyways, how would you like to have a close encounter with a cougar?  Here is a video I found of some dude seeing a cougar in close range.  The guy was driving up some gravel road near Powell River British Columbia (along the coastal areas of the Province) and a cougar comes up close to the vehicle before running off to meet up with what looks like another cougar.  Here it is:

I bet this video kept the guy on his toes as he now knows that there are cougars in the area.  As I have said earlier, I have never seen a cougar in the wild myself (I've seen them at zoos before though), though my brother Justin claims to have seen one once on his way home from work (though I wasn't with him when it happened, so I can't verify the sighting for sure), but you do hear about them here in the Northwest, even here in Western Washington, especially in rural areas.

By the way, have any of you had close encounters with cougars and similar creatures?

By the way, in case if you are curious about where Powell River is in Canada (British Columbia), here it is on Bing Maps: