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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stubborn Husky says "No"

Talk about stubbornesss in dogs.  They say that siberian huskies have "independent" personalities, which means that they are known to ignore commands sometimes and become stubborn (btw, just about any kind of dog can be stubborn sometimes too as a dog owner myself).  Anyways, in this video below, a siberian husky takes stubborness to a whole new level.  The person videotaping was trying to get his husky to go into a kennel, but each time he asked his dog to go into the kennel, the dog would vocalize "no" which was pretty hillarious.  Check it out.


My advice to the owner: good luck trying to get your dog to do as you say as he obviously does not seem to want to go into his kennel.

What do you all think of this video?