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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sports News - 3 - Air Bud VS. Pros (shared by Sam)

Here is a video shared by Sam on Youtube.  It is a short news video about Airbud at a professional basketball game.  By the way, I have to admit that Airbud definitely has talent for a golden retriever. I have a golden retriever myself (Tucker) and he doesn't know how to do basketball or shoot basketballs for that matter.  Though he does chase after lacross balls, tennis balls, and softballs when given a chance.  By the way, I have seen several of the Airbud movies and they are pretty fun to watch.  My favorite is probably Snow Buddies, where a bunch of golden retriever puppies accidently go up to Alaska and become sled dogs led by a kid named Adam.  That movie was pretty funny and cute too. 

Poster comments:
Air Bud is BACK!