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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black lab vs Halloween Bowl + Challenge

Now this post is pretty funny.  Do you ever see those halloween bowls around halloween (at Snohomish Publishing, they have one in the front office during October)?  In this video, a black lab tries to get a treat in the halloween bowl and gets a little scare with some hillarious results.  Watch

Now, I am going to give you a little challenge:
1) get a halloween bowl like this one (along with batteries)
2) get a bone or similar treat for your pet(s) and place it in the bowl
3) turn on the hand and wait and see how your dog (or similar pet) reacts.

Feel free to share your results. I am curious of what you can come up with.

Black Cats Collection Part 1 of 3- October Edition.

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I have posted last (been busy lately, plus I do have several other blogs I've been running as well, including the blog I have on huskies/malamutes (www.huskyvideosblog.ws), the video game blog I have (www.rjvideogamer.blogspot.com), as well as my demo blog at  http://rjstordemos.blogspot.com.  Anyways, considering that this month is October and Halloween is coming up later this month, I think it would be fitting to show off a video collection of black cats.  By the way, I am a Christian, so I am not superstitious about cats, but given the halloweenish feel of black cats, here are 5 worth sharing (will share more over time though):

Video 1: Purring Black Kitten- posted by sosyPel
Here in this video, a lady is playing with her kitten that is purring and meowing.  This cat is not so scary after all is he?

Video 2: Batman Cat- posted by chrispoole20
 - here is a batman style spoof featuring a cat, stuffed cat, and a mouse with a batman theme to it.  Thought it was kind of cute.

Video 3: Black Cats are Awesome by ShortytheCat2010

Video 4: Halloween bowl - here is a video of a black getting curious about a halloween candy bowl (the one with the automated hand).  While this cat is not fully a black cat, he is at least partly black (though there is a similar video featuring a black and white cat at http://youtu.be/EwoQu0IGPpA)

Video 5 - Bombay Kittens (posted by securitazz1) - here is are a bunch of black kittens just chillin (presumably somewhere in India)

Well, that is all for now.  I will plan on posting 2 more posts this month as time allows.  By the way, do any of you have black cats?  Are any of you leery of black cats at this time of year?  Do you have videos you want to share?  Feel free to comment.